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The Best Way to Get Rid of Shoulder Knots Yourself: The Thera Cane

By: Maxwell Shippen, DPT

People often ask me where I go when I need treatment. My answer is always the same. Home. I have a set of tools and items that I use to help me maintain an active pain free lifestyle. Here is the full list of items I recommend (paid link).

One issue that has been happening ever since opening my mobile therapy clinic is consistent shoulder knots and pain in the neck. I am still note sure if its because of the lack of sleep, constantly lifting a 25 lbs baby, or the stress of running two businesses. The cause isn't important but how I fix myself is.

I am a Physical Therapist and my wife is not. When I ask my wife for a shoulder massage I want an aggressive massage that will cause that good kind of pain. Try as she might, she doesn't have the strength and was always missing those hard-to-reach places. I thought my pain was going to be there forever until I bought the Thera Cane Massager (paid link).

Trigger Point Massage

I use the Thera Cane for self trigger point massage to fix my neck and shoulder pain. This involves finding one of those really tender spots and pressing into that spot with a medium firm pressure until the pain starts to get less. I change spots only when the pain dissipates and feels more like a pressure. I have used the corner of a wall, doorway, tennis ball, and the Thera Cane.

Design and Durability

The shepherds hook shape and two handle allow for a comfortable grip that makes reaching that painful spot on your shoulder, neck, and glute a breeze. The material is durable and will bend with enough pressure but it hasn't broken on me yet. I have used my original Thera Cane for the better part of 6 years. Its the first self massager that I will go to when I have pain in my shoulders.

Other Self Massagers

I use different massagers based on the body part thats bother me. I will use a foam roller (paid link) to help mobilize my vertebrae and the TENS 7000 (paid link) to manage my back aches after a long day of treating, driving, or yard work. I will massage my quads with The Stick (paid link) or a foam roller after runs. I have not used a massage gun yet but I plan on ordering this one (paid link) to test in the future. As you can see, there are many different self massagers available. If I had to pick only one self massager I would pick the Thera cane. The Thera Cane is durable, versatile, and will make a great addition to your self management tool set.

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